That’s me!

I'm Megan Voigt, a self-taught photographer here in Vancouver, British Columbia. I'm super passionate about getting outside in nature and seeing the amazing things that BC has to offer, especially if it involves a backpack and a tent!

Photography has been an intense hobby for the past few years, but only recently have I shifted to landscapes & portraits and I have fallen in love with it. Not only do I get to be outside in some rad places, but I get to do it with equally rad people and try to capture what they're all about! 

I love to inspire others to get outside and experience nature in a awe-inspiring but respectful way and I'd absolutely love to work with companies and brands that have a similar outlook.

Send me an email if you're interested!







Hermit May 20.jpg

Hermit Trail

The first overnighter in my new town didn’t disappoint (but damn, it was cold)

Big Eddy Bluffs 3.jpg

my new town

Up and moved to a new town where I know no one. Best choice I’ve ever made.

Jody Brendan Engagement 98.jpg

Jody & brendan

An engagement session in the lush forests of North Vancouver, plus a giant waterfall

Belize 24.jpg


A tiny island off the coast of Belize, scuba diving three times a day every day, and a good dose of family time

Artist point 2019 14.jpg

Spring solstice

Taking a friend up for her first winter overnighter at the place of my first winter overnighter

Backeddy 1.jpg

sunshine coast retreat

My brother and I spend the weekend at a cozy cabin in Egmont, BC

Catarata del Toro 3.jpg

Costa Rica

A month-long solo trip around the west coast of Costa Rica


A few little shots of our downtime around the friendliest little mountain town of Revelstoke

rainforest hot springs

A rainy day trip to a beautiful natural hot spring next to a river

asulkan hut

First day in Revelstoke and we decided to get our butts up to backcountry hut where we found a bit of fall and a bit of winter

la push

12 hours in a car for one day at the beach. Worth it.

brandywine meadows

The last summer solo overnighter

Secret mtn

My very first overnighter hike, revisited 13 years later

whyte lake

Sometimes I trade in mountaintop views from a tent for a local lakeside hangout

skyline divide

Quintessential summer overnighter, complete with clouds of mosquitoes

wedgemount lake

Making friends on mountaintops

amber + tyler

Two lovers on a mountaintop

fly fishing with my brother + barebones living

Trying to explain what being outside means to me, with the help of my brother

Zoë + Julian

A sunrise shoot with two of the most fun people ever

fire lookout

Just because the clouds roll in and the views disappear, doesn’t mean you can’t take photos

Jones lake

A warm evening spent hanging out by a campfire on the lakeside

rosie + evan ii

A beautiful styled shoot at a mountain-lined lake

first peak

A weeknight hike up a local mountain for sunset


My favourite little beach town, seen from the a floatplane

rosie + evan

A warm spring evening with muddy feet and dancing

sea to sky hwy

A quick hike to catch the sunset and have a campfire

dad + me

My Dad, the guy who taught me everything about hiking, and I go to a backcountry hut

a winter hut

A cozy winter backcountry cabin nestled in the mountains of Pemberton

artist point

my first winter camping trip - and my first solo one to boot