weekend getaway to the sunshine coast

I had visited the Sunshine Coast a couple years ago and stayed at the lovely Backeddy Resort in one of their vintage A-frame cabins. When they asked me back for another visit, I was super stoked! This time I chose to stay in one of their new waterfront cabins and let me tell you, I was so impressed.

I decided to bring my brother along for a little sibling weekend getaway as we’ve never really spent time together just us two. We drove up from Vancouver in the afternoon and arrived to our cabin in the dark, but the staff had so thoughtfully prepped a fire in the woodstove for us, so all we had to do was light it and we had a warm cozy fire within minutes.

The next morning was a lovely, but chilly, drizzly morning on the inlet. We made coffee, started up another fire, and enjoyed the view of the clouds winding through the trees.

We explored the Skookumchuck Narrows park just a short drive away from the cabins. We packed our rain jackets and walked through the lush rainforest, talking about life, relationships, and the future.

When we were back at the cabin, we realized that a lot of the local restaurants and cafes were closed on Tuesdays. We went to a local convenience store that surprisingly had fresh veggies and - get this - soppressata. I had brought a loaf of homemade bread, we had a wood fire stove, so why not try to make some sandwiches. My brother prepped and executed one of the best sandwiches I’ve had, using just some vegetables, bread, salami, and a fire.

Despite the whole day being cloudy and rainy, we were treated a lovely sunset as we walked along the beach right in front of the cabins. We had a curious seal watching us from the water, popping his head above the water every so often to see what we were doing.

The next morning, we woke up early as the sun started to peek out above the mountains, illuminating the fogbank that had rolled into the inlet. It was a crisp, cold, sunny morning and it was gorgeous.

We didn’t want to waste the good weather just driving back to the ferry, so we took our the canoe for a morning paddle now that the fog on the inlet had dissipated. We took the canoe out to the little islands in the middle of the inlet and watched the sea lions and seals enjoying the sun just as we were. I also reaffirmed my belief that I don’t like canoes and am not okay with how wobbly they are. Especially when I’m holding my expensive camera that I would never be able to afford to replace.

After that, we packed the bags in the car and headed back to the mainland, back to our jobs, and regular life. But we both agreed that this was a great sibling weekend and trips like these shouldn’t be so few and far between.

Megan Voigt