a little break from the mountains - belize

While I absolutely love the mountains and everything to do with them, I also a huge lover of scuba diving, specifically warm water diving.

My dad, the one who got me into the mountains, is also the one who got me into diving as a young kid. We went on a dive trip four years ago, my first trip dedicated solely to scuba diving, to the Philippines and I absolutely loved it. Three dives a day, seven days straight. It was incredible. However, dive trips are pretty expensive and without a partner to go with, I hadn’t been diving since.

For my Dads 61st birthday, he decided to take my brother and I on a dive/fishing trip to Belize. My dad and brother share a love for fly fishing, while my dad, my stepmom, and I share a love for scuba diving. What better vacation than to combine those two things on a beautiful tiny island off the coast of Belize.

My brother and I shared our own little cabin right in front of the bar that was situated over the water - our morning, afternoon, and evening hang out spot. Ever since my brother and his girlfriend broke up last year, we’ve become much closer and spent more time together, like on our Sunshine Coast trip. Being able to just chill and drink coffee with him while watching the sun rise, sometimes talking about important stuff and sometimes just shooting the shit, was really awesome. My dad has always been my best friend and to also be able to spend time with him, showing him that I’ve still got my diving skills and comparing our air usage, made this trip one of the best I’ve been on.

Usually, I’d be off diving while my dad and my brother would walk the flats around the island and hunt for fish. I tagged along one morning and watched as they spotted fish in the shallows that I never seemed to see. Although I did see the whitetip shark swimming not too far away from our ankles - that was awesome.

Megan Voigt