jody + brendan engagement shoot

When Jody, Brendan, and I first met at a coffee shop to discuss the possibility of me shooting their wedding, I had no idea what they were like, what their wedding was going to look like, or basically anything about them at all. This was also my first meeting with a real potential client and not my friend. I was nervous, to say the least.

Thankfully, within minutes of chatting, I realized they were right up my alley! Down to earth, relaxed, fun, quick to laugh, even quicker to make a bad joke, and best of all - their wedding was going to include pizza, string lights, and a summer backyard party. I was IN.

Their engagement shoot was in the forests of North Vancouver, a place that I knew very well. I even knew a little fence-hopping trick to get down a slippery trail to a waterfall that not many people knew you could get close to. It was a misty, somewhat rainy day, so that trail was slippery AF and by the end of it, my butt was soaking wet. But we were all smiles, laughs, and even a few tears - both happy and sad.

I started out by asking them how they met - which is a roller coaster of a story that seems straight out of ridiculous rom-com. This simple question ended up being a good half hour story interspersed with side stories and “for context” tidbits and many bewildered questions from me. The throw-your-head-back laughs that I managed to capture were some of the most genuine and heartfelt laughs I have seen in my life.

At one point, after all the joking around and laughing and making fun of each other, I asked one of the more serious questions, which also happens to be my favourite question., "

”What are the little things that this person does for you that make you fall in love with them over and over and over again? Is it the way they make you coffee just the way you like it in the mornings without you even having to ask? Is it the way the corners of their eyes crinkle when they laugh and you’ve never seen anything more joyful than that? Is it how they hold your hand in one specific way and you always automatically melt into it when your hands are even remotely close?”

I ask them to think about it for a few minutes, then tell each other those little things. I tell them they don’t need to say it loud enough for me to hear, this is just between them.

They took turns whispering to each other, a few giggles here and there, a long kiss thrown in there, too.

Brendan wiped away a tear from his cheek. Jody wiped his tear from the other cheek.

No one wiped my tears as I quietly teared up while shooting this moment.

After this immensely serious and cute moment, I got back on to the fun questions, which led to me giving them the idea to name their first child Charlie Murphy, after the Dave Chappelle bit, and it basically devolved from there.

One waterfall later, our cheeks hurt from laughing, my butt was soggy, and we hugged goodbye. I’m always so full of warm feelings after shooting a couple that is so obviously crazy about each other. It makes me believe in true love and that someone can wholeheartedly love another without compromise.

To say I am jazzed to shoot these two gorgeous people’s wedding is an understatement. I am gonna eat SO MUCH pizza and wings.

Megan Voigt