wedgemount lake

Wedgemount 8.jpg

After a steep hike up to this well-known lake, I had a nap, explored around, then picked out a good spot for dinner. As I was walking up to my spot, I passed a red headed Quebecois girl hiking up on her own. We chatted for a bit and I told her some places she could pitch her tent before we went off on our separate ways.

She ended up setting her tent up not far from my dinner spot, so we started chatting some more. I found out that all she had brought up to eat was a can of tuna and crackers. Seeing as I had a dehydrated meal that was 2 servings, I invited her to share it with me. I always bring two spoons, so it was easy. We talked about her travels around Canada and the USA and my hikes in between bites of pad thai.

Megan Voigt