I could easily live in this little hippy surf town on the west coast of Vancouver Island. One summer, I did live here and I loved it. I’ve been back more than a half a dozen times and each time has been perfect in it’s own way, whether it’s summer or winter. The long beaches, rugged coastline, foggy mornings, and wonderful people make this little town a daydream come true.

On this trip, I decided to book a sunset flight the night before. The next day, it was cloudy and completely socked in. Fog in the mornings is usual in Tofino, but this stuck around the whole day. I agonized over cancelling the flight up until an hour before. I stuck with it and at the very last minute, the fog lifted, the clouds parted a little bit, and the flight was unreal. There was a bit of rain, a lot of sun, and even a rainbow. Seeing Tofino from the sky gave me a new perspective on a familiar place and made me fall in love with it even more.

Megan Voigt