rosie and evan

Rosie and Evan are a wonderful couple that I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few times. And by “working”, I mean “hanging out and taking photos of them” because honestly, they’ve become my friends!

The first time I met Rosie, she was buying a few things at the outdoor retailer that I worked at. I was trying to find a model to do a product shoot - for free - and wasn’t having any luck with friends. When I was ringing her through, she was all smiles. I suddenly blurted out, “I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but….would you want to model for a photoshoot I’m doing?” It turns out, Rosie used to be a professional model and also a model scout, so she knew how awkward it was to ask that question. She agreed right then and there to do the shoot, without any payment, and that started our friendship.

When my brand new camera body arrived on sunny afternoon, I knew I had to shoot with it right away. I called Rosie up and asked if her and Evan, her fiancé, wanted to do a photoshoot that evening, just for fun. Even though Rosie had a cold, she was up for it!

A warm spring evening that felt more like summer in the park, Rosie kicked off her shoes and got her feet dirty in the muddy grass and danced with Evan. This was where I really started to love couple photography - just two people in love and having fun, while I’m there to capture it. They made it easy.

Megan Voigt