first peak

First Peak Seymour May 2.jpg

Carlos and I worked together in professional kitchens and always said we were going to go for a hike one day, but it never ended up happening. Except this time, when we took a quick hike up to one of the North Shore mountains to one of my favourite sunset spots - First Peak.

I knew there would be snow at the top, so I brought my ice axe and planned to try out some self-arrests. I hiked up in shorts, but didn’t want to slide down the snow with bare legs. I brought out my long johns and told Carlos to turn around. I took off my shorts at the top of this mountain and said something like, “Ha! I’m on top of a mountain with my butt hanging out and no one can see!”

And then I hear the crunch of snow behind me.

A skier was adjusting his binders about fifteen feet away from me - and my bare ass.

I’ve never put on long johns so fast. Thankfully, even though he must’ve had a great seat for the full moon view, he didn’t say anything and promptly started his descent. I wish I could say this was the first time I had unknowingly shown my bum to strangers on the top of a mountain…

Megan Voigt