dad + me

Wendy Thompson Hut 10.jpg

My dad is the one who got me into hiking in the first place. He took me on my first overnighter when I was around fourteen. We managed to find the time to go on a few more overnighters in the years after that, but it was difficult as I was working 14+ hour days in professional kitchens. Ever since getting out of kitchens, I’ve had more time to go hiking, camping, and basically have a life. In March, I persuaded my Dad to play hooky from work for a couple days to join me up at a backcountry cabin.

It was so much fun to spend a few days, just my Dad and I, with nothing but us and the mountains (and a few other people at the hut). While the weather wasn’t the best, we still had an amazing time and I’m so grateful to have been able to spend the time with me.

Megan Voigt