artist point

This was my first experience winter camping - and winter camping solo. I picked a relatively easy snowshoe hike that wasn’t too far away from the car, just in case I got too cold at night and decided to pack it in.

The weather report was calling for rain that evening, but sun the next day. I figured I could tough out a bit of rain for one night. When I started snowshoeing, the clouds swirled around the mountains and obscured Shuksan and Baker. But slowly, the breeze started to blow them away and I was treated to one of the best sunsets I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

I tried my hand at star photos, which was a resounding failure in my opinion, before snuggling up in my fluffy sleeping bag with a big smile on my face. I enjoyed the sunrise after getting a good 10 hours of sleeping (winter camping for the win) and enjoyed a bluebird day after that.

After such an incredible first experience camping in the snow, I was hooked. I might even say it rivals summer camping.

Megan Voigt