secret mountain

Semaphore Lakes 13.jpg

My Dad took me on my first overnighter 13 years ago, which planted a seed that wouldn’t fully develop until over a decade later. I only became more interested in hiking at the age of 23, two years ago, but it was all started with my Dad and the places we went when I was a kid.

I decided to bring this guy out for his second overnighter ever to a place that was a little special for me. The drive up was so smoky, we weren’t sure if we’d be able to see more than 20 feet. But as we drove up the forest service road, the smoke started to thin out and by the time we reached the trailhead, we had clear skies. After a short hike, we dumped our packs by the lake and set off with day packs to one of the peaks surrounding the lake. 5 hours later, we were at the top with views of glaciers, mountaintops, and the valley below. I brought up a couple drinks for a celebratory “summit beer”. We hiked back down a different way than we came up and found a tiny moss and flower lined alpine tarn as the sun was dipping below the peak we had just come down from.

We made a quick but tasty dinner and slept in the tent without a fly on, one of my favourite things about summer camping. I woke up at 2 in the morning for stars photos (photog life) but wasn’t mad at all. Despite all the smoke in the valley below, I saw more stars than I can remember in recent memory.

Megan Voigt