rainforest hot springs

Halfway Hot Springs 5.jpg

After a rest day in Revelstoke, we set out on a little day trip to some local-ish hot springs. It was a rainy day with low clouds and a bit of a chill in the air which meant the perfect weather for the hot springs.

We drove for what seemed like ages on a pot-hole ridden forest service road in our little Toyota Yaris while lifted pickup trucks and SUVs passed us. When we eventually got to the springs, we were the only small car in the whole place. I’ve taken the little Ferraris (two-door peppy Yaris is basically a Ferrari, ergo = Ferraris) on some gnarly roads without trouble and this was no exception.

There were a few concrete-lined pools in the forest, but once we saw the natural pools next to the river, we hopped right in. There were a few other people in them to start but eventually they headed on home and we had the pool to ourselves. The rain falling on our heads, the cool air, the misty trees, and the hot geothermal water was a dream come true, especially after 57 km of hiking in the past week.

We spent more than 2 hours in the hot springs and only got out because we were starving. We pulled on our clothes and walked back to the car, where we made instant ramen with the hatchback of the car open while it poured down. A long, foggy-windowed drive back home filled with happy, sleepy sighs followed.

Megan Voigt