la push

La Push 13.jpg

On a whim, I decided to head down to Washington for my weekend to check out a beach. I convinced my friend and his dog to join me and together we drove 12 hours round trip to camp on the beach for one day.

When we first arrived at 11pm, we found we couldn’t camp on the beach that we thought we could camp at. So we set up our tent in a small patch of forest immediately next to the only road in and out of the town. In the rain. I woke up so many times in the night by cars driving past not 20 feet away from us.

The second day, which was supposed to be raining, turned out to be totally sunny and even warm. Beach walks, naps in the sand, and splashing our feet in the water kind of warm.

I never expected to have the sunset of my dreams at one of my most sought after beaches and maybe that’s why I was so mind blown when I experienced exactly that. I couldn’t have asked for a better first time beach camping experience.

Megan Voigt